We provide optimum and effective consulting services
for harmonizing business and the environment.

In recent years, we often hear environment related phrases such as “battle against global warming,” “reduction of carbon emissions,” and “biodiversity.” Preservation and mitigation for the environment is now an important and inevitable theme for business.

However, it does not mean that business and the environment are incompatible. Implementation of appropriate and effective environmental measures can bring more benefit to your business, such as improvement of the company’s image.
Then, what are the specific actions that need to be taken?
As a leading company in environmental assessment, we provide a sincere answer to the question.


major business fields

  • support for environmental policies

    Provide support for environmental policies of companies/autonomous bodies based on the latest knowledge

  • proposals for environmental considerations

    Make proposals for preservation of the environment and re-naturalization during planning of the implementation phase of business projects

  • environmental research and analysis

    Research and analysis of air, water quality, noise, vibration, and ecosystems

  • environmental assessment

    Formulation of countermeasures based on environmental impact assessments, checks during the implementation phase, and proposal of correction measures

Provision of all in one
package consulting services

As an overall consultant, we provide all in one package consulting services to implement the above items from the planning/design phase.

Efforts by field

Environmental assessment for railways

We have conducted the highest number of environmental assessments for railways in Japan (about 50%) based on the environmental impact assessment method.

Environmental assessment for other construction

We also conduct environmental assessments for roads, waste disposal sites, and wind power stations that have been increasing in recent years.

Preservation and improvement of the environment

Our efforts include environmental preservation projects such as re-naturalization of the countryside, and the research/assessment of environmental impacts of housing developments.

Adoption of new technology/overseas operation

Proactive adaptation of new technology

We constantly make efforts to adopt new technology. For instance, in the case of an environmental assessment for a new railway development, we used the Habitat Evaluation Procedure (HEP) for ecosystem assessment, and proposed a plan to create a reed field as compensation to the environment.

  • Adoption of new technology

  • Provision of our technology to other countries

Provision of our technology to other countries

To utilize our technology for railway developments in other countries, we provide technical assistance to railway projects mainly in the Asia region.