As we enter the “age of maintenance,”
we provide better structural maintenance services
based on advanced know-how.

Since the approach to social infrastructure development has been changing from scrap and builds to stock utilization, the importance of efficient maintenance management is further increasing in recent years.

Our maintenance management experts “Structural Maintenance Technology Group” take a leadership role in coordinating with other departments and constructing a framework to provide advanced know-how. Focusing on maintenance management of infrastructure facilities, especially on maintenance management and renewal of civil engineering structures, we make proposals for structure maintenance for a new era in a proactive manner, while taking appropriate actions for our clients’ needs.

structural maintenance

major business fields

  • various investigation/

    Highway structure inspection
    Railway structure inspection
    Investigation of the soundness of highway/railway structures
    Investigation/diagnosis of fatigue, salt damage, and alkali aggregate reaction
    Investigation/diagnosis for disasters such as earthquakes and fire
    Investigation/diagnosis of the impact from neighboring construction
    Assessment of the soundness of historic structures, and consideration of countermeasures

  • plan development

    Plan for life span extension

  • repair and reinforcement design

    Repair and reinforcement design for damaged/deteriorated parts
    Reinforcement design in accordance with the change to live load
    Anti-earthquake reinforcement of road bridges

Efforts by field

highway structure inspection/investigation

We engage in inspection of highway structures including bridges and tunnels, and implement periodical inspections and detailed investigations, thus contributing to the prevention of injury to bystanders, maintenance and repair, and life span extension.
We have a strong track record particularly in bridge inspection for the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT), and received an awarded for excellent service.

In terms of roads and bridges, we have been implementing “plans for life span extension” in order to shift the repair method from “symptomatic treatment method” to “preventive maintenance method.” In the former method, repair works are conducted after the damage became apparent, and in the latter the soundness assessment is conducted to implement repair while the damage is still not so severe.

railway structure inspection/investigation

We conduct overall and individual inspection for railway structures such as bridges, viaducts, underground tunnels, and earth structures that are managed by public/private railway operators. Thus, we contribute to the prevention of injury to bystanders, maintenance and repair, and life span extension.
Specifically, in the overall inspection conducted once in two years, we not only investigate the actual sites but also take initiatives to organize maintenance management data owned by the operators. In addition, we have made a number of proposals for optimum maintenance management planning based on the inspection results.

repair and reinforcement design

In terms of the structures that require reinforcement due to damage and deterioration caused by long-term use or a change to the limit of live load, we conduct comparative reviews of repair/reinforcement methods in the light of workability, ease of maintenance and management, and cost performance. Then we select the best construction method and draw up designs for repairs/reinforcement.
We also have a strong track record in anti-earthquake reinforcement design, the need for which has been increasing recently.