To leverage the growing opportunities
in the implementation of high-speed railways,
we have started full-scale operations abroad.

high-speed rail

01.Increasing global needs for the implementation of
high-speed railways


The need for constructing railways has been increasing worldwide. In accordance with the development of the economy, urbanization is rapidly increasing, especially in emerging countries. With the progress of urbanization, the population density and the need for transport is increasing; however, development of transport infrastructure including roads and public transport systems still has not caught up with the demand. Under such circumstances, there is a need for urban railways with high transport efficiency and low impact on the environment.
Among the countries whose economies have developed to a certain degree, there are growing opportunities in the implementation of intercity high-speed railways. Many countries in South East Asia, as well as India and Brazil are planning to implement high-speed railways.

02.Expectations for Japan, a nation of state-of-the-art railways, and our overseas strategy


Advanced technology and know-how is required to construct and operate high-speed railways. Since Japan has been operating Shinkansen (bullet trains) safely for a long time, despite the high frequency of services, the countries that are promoting new railway development are expressing great interest and expectations for Japan.
Following this background, our company, as an expert in the railway field, has recently established the International Group in June 2012 to promote operations abroad.
We are pleased that our long-accumulated knowledge and experience in railway development (route planning, structure design, environmental impact assessment, and structural maintenance) is contributing to the development of railways in other countries.

The countries in which we are participating in local projects

03.The countries in which we are participating
in local projects (as of 2014)