Mission Statement /

Mission Statement
Technology and Credibility
Corporate Philosophy
  1. We will contribute to society through outstanding technology
  2. We will demonstrate that the long lasting success of the company is also the long lasting success of the employees

Our corporate philosophy “Technology and Credibility” is the starting point of our corporate activities.

Fukken Engineering was originally established in 1946 as an incorporated association “Fukko Kensetu Gijutsu Kyokai (Reconstruction Engineering Association).” Since then we have made it our mission to protect people’s lives and assets as well as improving the living environment, and have been contributing for many years in numerous aspects of social infrastructure development.

The basic concepts of all our services are based on the original corporate philosophy: Provide a long-term contribution to the development of society and culture through construction technologies for the benefit of the public and public interests.

As the new century begins, and with the rapidly changing social structure, in order for us to continuously achieve our goals as a true construction consultant, we understand that we constantly need to address technical issues, backed up by advanced technologies, provide sincere responses to our customers based on the ethical viewpoint of an engineer, and maintain our “rock-solid” credibility.

To realize this, we believe that it is important for us to promote constant efforts to improve technology and provide high-quality consulting services to meet our clients’ satisfaction, while complying with our mission statement and corporate philosophy.