We are also committed to the development of urban infrastructure that is
not always noticed by the general public.

River, port, water supply, and sewerage field

major business fields


Working for improvement of flood
management and creation of recreation
spaces along riversides.

As the approach to social infrastructure development in recent years has been changing from scrap and build to stock utilization, the need for improving the environment such as water quality is becoming a more important issue in river development, along with flood control, which has been a traditional theme of efficient river maintenance.
We participate in projects for improving flood-prone raised bed rivers, and contribute towards increasing the safety level of flood control by designing environmentally friendly embankments. At the same time, we promote efforts to create pleasant and relaxing riverside space for the benefit of local residents.


Improving technology through designing new/improved embankments.

Ports were originally created by utilizing natural geographical shapes of bays and inlets. As ships were modernized and increased in size, piers and quays began to be built, and then seawalls to keep bays under control and protect land from disasters such as storm surges.
In other words, ports are the fruits of modern engineering technology.
We are continuously making efforts to improve our technology through designing new/improved embankment structures, as well as restoring the fishing ports that were damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake.

water supply and sewerage

Engaged in the sewerage network
restoration work during the aftermath of
the Great East Japan Earthquake

The current coverage of the water supply system in Japan is 98% for drinking water and 76% for sewerage. Under such circumstances, we provide designs for building a new system for the non-covered areas, and updated designs for the deteriorated facilities. We also promote efforts in designing facilities to overcome unexpected heavy rain, which is becoming a serious problem in Japan in recent years.
Furthermore, we engaged in the sewerage network restoration work during the aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake, and since then we have been conducting investigations of damage, assessment design, and restoration design.