company name Fukken Engineering Co., Ltd.
head office 1-11-12 Nihonbashi Horidomecho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
telephone +81(0)3-5652-8550 (main switchboard)
establishment date June 1, 1946
board members
Executive Vice President
KAWAMURA Eiichirou
Executive Director
Executive Director
KOHASHI Hidetoshi
ITOH Makoto
capital 140 million yen
number of employees 182
core businesses
  1. 01.Railways

    Planning and design of intercity high-speed railways, viaducts for urban/rural railways, bridges, tunnels, and stations

  2. 02.Roads

    Research, planning and design of various types of roads, planning and design of grade separations, viaducts, tunnels, interchanges, and parking areas

  3. 03.Urban transport

    Planning and design of underground railways, monorails, and new transport systems

  4. 04.Urban planning and public facilities

    Drafting and research of urban redevelopment plans, land readjustment plans and transport plans, research, planning and design of station plazas and pedestrian decks, and research, planning and design of underground structures such as underground shopping areas and underground car/bicycle parking spaces

  5. 05.Rivers, erosion control, seashore, and ocean

    Planning and design of river structures

  6. 06.Sewerage

    Planning and design of river structures

  7. 07.Environment

    Creation of forecast and evaluation reports based on environmental research, measurement, analysis and information processing, and environmental assessment

  8. 08.Ports and airports

    Planning and design of airport facilities

  9. 09.Construction

    Planning and design of airport facilities

  10. 10.Construction management

    Construction management of engineering works, structures, tunnels and so on

  11. 11.Structural maintenance

    Research and design of operation and maintenance of roads and railway structures, and structural maintenance planning of roads and railway structures

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